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бургер кинг онлайн рулетка

Бургер кинг онлайн рулетка

Prop: birthday candles. Today I want to talk about wishes. I brought some birthday candles with me.

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Show candles. By show of hands, how many of you have ever made a wish before blowing out the бургер кинг онлайн рулетка on your birthday cake? Let me ask one of you select a child], what did you wish for? Now I want all of you to pretend for a moment that you found a magic lamp and a genie popped out and бургер кинг онлайн рулетка willing to grant you one wish. You can wish for anything at all. What would you wish for? Listen to answers.

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The Bible tells us about something better than wishes. It бургер кинг онлайн рулетка called prayer. The Lord Jesus told his followers disciples that after he went back to heaven he would do anything they asked for in his name. Let us игра грабители денег about it.

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Read John Jesus told his followers that they would do greater works than he had done. Remember that Jesus had done miraculous and marvelous works: healed the sick, made the lame walk, gave sight to the blind, cured diseases, raised the dead, and much more!

He told them whatever they asked for in his name that he would do it. And he did not tell them they could only ask one time. The reason Jesus wants us деньги на игру вормикс в ask бургер кинг онлайн рулетка his name is because God the Father receives glory every time we ask through his Son, Jesus.

Rather than asking for riches and gold, or great power or fame, the Bible tells us we ought to set our minds on the things of God. Read Colossians If we owned everything on earth, it would not be worth anything compared to eternal life with God. Бургер кинг онлайн рулетка better than the greatest wish in the world is to ask Jesus бургер кинг онлайн рулетка be your Savior.

That means to be truly sorry for all the bad things you ever did or как сделать в игре много денег на андроид will do and to trust Jesus to forgive you.

Бургер кинг онлайн рулетка you have asked Jesus into your heart, you have all you will ever need.

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That is worth more than all the money in the бургер кинг онлайн рулетка wide world! Let us pray. Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for these children. Help us to realize that all we ever need is you.

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Бургер кинг онлайн рулетка



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